The 5 Disciplines of Great Leaders - Part 3: The Disciplines of Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done.png

The difference between leaders who excel in Getting Things Done and others who meet their deadlines is far less related to talent and drive and much more with personal disciplines.

Check your practice and habits with the following disciplines of Getting things Done:

  • Presses for quality and attention to detail, first personally and then from others as a matter of stewardship of resources and service delivery to customers

  • Strategizes ways to use time, energy, human capital and finances so that quality is championed and margins increased

  • Strives to be the best and compels others to high performance so that the organization gains a competitive advantage

 Questions for Self Reflection:

What strengths and weaknesses do you see and use in Getting Things Done?

How do you use the traits described in this section to lead yourself and others?

What is the most important behavior you should improve and what action are you committed to taking to strengthen your ability to get things done?