The 5 Disciplines of Great Leaders - Part 5: The Disciplines of Composure


The difference between leaders who possess and practice intelligent reasoning and other leaders and managers is far less related to talent and personality and much more with personal disciplines. Check your practice and habits with the following disciplines:

Check your practice and habits with the following disciplines of Composure:

  • Develops rigorous skills in intelligent reasoning and analytical thinking that produce unconventional insights by understanding facts and nuances that others miss

  • Possesses and exercises a mindset of trust and respect for others and exhibits composure in tense, irritating situations

  • Builds and sustains mental toughness and internal resolve to remain calm when rejection and criticism escalate

 Questions for Reflection:

What got your attention the most in Composure and why?

How important is thinking about how you think and lead to you and how is it displayed in your leadership behaviors?

Upon reflection, what is one action step you have identified that you intend to apply to improve your composure?