Behavior Measurement Indexes


A dynamic combination to discover blind spots for profound Impact

  • Measuring over 178 Attributes

  • Perfected by over 450 Behaviors

  • Validated by over 900 Statements

  • Verified by 1,000’s of administered instruments


What we do

  • Construct Behavior-based Measurement Indexes (assessment and survey instruments) that capture and report competencies, attributes and behaviors

  • Deploy our products through Affiliate Advisors who consult with individuals and organizations world-wide to bring forth truth and clarity to enhance performance

  • Equip our Affiliates with expert knowledge, business development support, and the tools and resources to enable practical and purposeful engagements

How our clients are winning

  • Referenceable Clients report profound results and transformational success

  • Our Measurement Indexes open the door to discovery and start the dialogue toward changed behavior

  • Proven time-after-time, from entry level new hires to C-Level Executives, we are creating value through robust and authentic cultures that are marked with winning performance

Why together, with our Affiliates, we are better

  • Our Affiliates distribute and administer our products and are the well equipped advisors meeting the direct needs of clients.

  • With confidence, our Affiliates are armed with and engage with proven, one-of-a-kind measurement indexes that drive results and transformation

  • Our CultureCode team focuses on building world-class instruments while enhancing resources to support, grow and equip our Affiliate advisory practices

  • This shared responsibility between CultureCode and its Affiliates can exponentially penetrate the marketplace with unique products while securing a reputation that inspires greater demand

What’s different, and what’s the big deal

  • Fact: Personality profiles have long been the standard for assessing individuals as an indicator to highlight a person's tendencies. Flaw: A Person's Personality is fixed, it’s “what you are”, it is not what you do. Personality is not necessarily an indicator of one’s aptitude toward desired growth and development.

  • Fact: Behavior is ”what you do”, in fact, it is EVERYTHING you do. Flaw: Until the release of CultureCode behavioral measurement indexes, society has been using assessments to identify personality, which in fact characterizes the enduring aspects of a person that typically do not change.

  • Wright, on Personality; “the relatively stable and enduring aspects of individuals which distinguish them from other people and form the basis of our predictions concerning their future behaviour.”

  • Fact: Behavior is learned, and therefore can change. Both “desired behaviors” and “behaviors to avoid” can be identified and measured. Behavior drives outcome, good or bad, in every aspect of life.

  • So, why would one use Personality to PREDICT behavior, when you could ACTUALLY MEASURE behavior and know precisely what ones tendencies are toward high performance,... then set forth an actionable and measurable work plan to improve.

Why this matters

  • Ever increasing demands to achieve results drive requirements for high-performance while the time-line to achieve these results is condensed.

  • Market leaders seek out and utilize systems to provide a competitive edge...to work smarter, to lead better, to win more.

  • When individual performance intersects with organizational synergy, winning cultures are created and dynamic results occur.

  • According to a Harvard Study of more than 200 companies, “A strong culture increases net income by 765 percent over a 10 year period”.    ...So, whether you are a business for profit or a nonprofit fundraiser, the impact to the bottom line is most impressive.